Definitions for "RANKS"
Officers ranks: Colonel; Lieutenant Colonel; Major; Captain; Lieutenant; Second Lieutenant. Soldiers ranks: Regimental Sergeant Major (WO1); Company/Squadron Sergeant Major (WOII); Colour Sergeant/Staff Sergeant; Sergeant; Corporal; Lance Corporal; Private/trooper.
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Stages of achievement for Cub Scouts. Tiger Cub is earned by 1st grade boys. Wolf is earned by 2nd graders, Bear by 3rd graders, Webelos for 4th graders, and Arrow of Light for 5th graders. Also called "badges." Also see "Navy ranks and ratings."
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a new trading card set from Panini and Inkworks
Values assigned to items in a sample to determine their relative occurrence in a population.
positions in an increasing or decreasing ordering, labelled as 1, 2, ... n. The minimum (and maximum) are assigned rank either 1 or n. Ranks may be averaged where values are tied.
The position of a particular case (e.g., person) relative to other cases on a defined scale--as in "1st place," "2nd place," etc. Note that when the actual values of the numbers designating the relative positions (the ranks) are used in the analysis they are being treated as an interval scale, not an ordinal scale. See also INTERVAL SCALE, ORDINAL SCALE.
Rows of pipes graduated in length, one per key, corresponding to the entire compass of the keyboard. Each Rank has a different tone color or pitch, and providing multiple Ranks in an organ allows many different combinations, resulting in a great range of volume and tone quality. Ranks are described according to the length of the largest pipe, corresponding to the lowest key ( 2 octaves below middle C), as 16',8',4', etc.
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Levels of power in a given skill. If you've bought the Cooking skill, you have 1 rank in the skill, and gain a +1 to your Cooking checks. If you buy another rank, you have 2 ranks in the skill and gain +2 to your checks. It's important to keep Ranks and other modifiers (for ability scores, magic, etc.) separate because some skills have added benefits when you've reached a certain rank.