Definitions for "Rath"
In the fictional universe associated with the trading card game, Rath is an artificial plane created by Yawgmoth as the assailing grounds for the invasion of Dominaria. The events of the Rath Cycle (Tempest, Stronghold, and Exodus) occur exclusively on the plane of Rath. The plane is also one of the settings of Nemesis.
Keywords:  ringfort, recumbent, art, rock
Recumbent Ringfort Rock Art
Keywords:  elven, celtic, dwelling, word
Celtic word for elven dwelling.
Keywords:  mound, hill
A hill or mound.
Keywords:  ringwork, circular, low, ring, work
Low, circular ringwork.
Low, circular ring work.
A kind of ancient fortification found in Ireland.
Keywords:  betimes, early, coming, time, usual
Coming before others, or before the usual time; early.
Early; soon; betimes.
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a sort of green pig