Definitions for "Raveling"
a lovely little EP from Louisville musician Tara Jane O'Neil (ex-Rodan, Retsin, The Sonora Pines), released on a Spanish label that specializes in lovely little EP
The act of untwisting or of disentangling.
That which is raveled out; esp., a thread detached from a texture.
The gradual roughening of the surface texture. As the fine particles “wash” away it leaves the pavement with course rock on the surface and a much rougher texture than when asphalt first laid.
The dislodging of aggregate at the edges of joints or scored patterns in concrete, generally caused by sawcutting joints too soon after concrete placement.
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Erosion caused by gravity, especially during rain and drying periods. Often seen on steep slopes immediately uphill of roads.
The separation of course and fine aggregate in a road surface.
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a bit of fiber that has become separated from woven fabric
The separation of yarns at the cut edge of a fabric.
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coming apart