Definitions for "realized"
Keywords:  overcame, ambition, joy, vacation, took
successfully completed or brought to an end; "his mission accomplished he took a vacation"; "the completed project"; "the joy of a realized ambition overcame him"
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The appreciation or depreciation of a security after it has been redeemed. If a stock price increases by $50 to $100 and the shares are sold, the appreciation is realized and the investor receives his or her money. If the shares are not sold, the appreciation is Unrealized because it exists only on paper. A security that loses value is said to have depreciated, and the loss may be realized or unrealized in the same manner.
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The Player state in which the Player knows what resources it needs and information about the type of media it is to present. A Realized Player knows how to render its data and can provide visual components and controls. Its connections to other objects in the system are in place, but it doesn't own any resources that would prevent another Player from starting.
Being reflected in a transaction, such as a conversion of goods into cash, cash...