Definitions for "receivables"
Keywords:  owed, monies, rendered, ordinary, goods
Receivables refers to money, goods or services owed from one entity to another....
Claims for money, goods, or services.
Name used by bankers to describe moneys owed to a business and yet to be received. Usually the amounts due from trade creditors who purchased goods or services on credit. Functionally equivalent to accounts or accounts receivable except that accounts is the only legally acceptable way to describe these assets for purposes of Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code.
Represent invoices that you have billed but have not been paid. Also known as accounts receivable, they can be listed as current assets.
Amounts of money due from customers or other debtors.
See Accounts Receivable
A bookkeeping term for amounts of revenue contracted for but not yet received.... read full article
Funds received from sponsors, either to reimburse us for expenditures on a project or to pay a fixed-price for a contract.
the maximum potential rental income of all valid rental agreements until end of contract terms.