Definitions for "Recurrence"
The act of recurring, or state of being recurrent; return; resort; recourse.
the reappearance of disease; this can be manifested clinically as findings on the physical examination (e.g. DRE) or as a laboratory recurrence only (e.g. rise in PSA)
The Sun rotates every 27 days as seen from the Earth. This means that any solar active region or coronal hole that causes geomagnetic activity will tend to return every 27 days (until it decays). Thus geomagnetic activity often follows a 27-day recurrence cycle. Back to the top.
(n.) a relationship in a DO-loop whereby a computation in one iteration of the loop depends upon completion of a previous iteration of the loop. Such dependencies inhibit vectorization.
A statement or variable in a loop which uses the value of some variable computed in a previous iteration. May affect vectorization.
dependency in a DO-loop whereby a result depends upon completion of the previous iteration of the loop. Such dependencies inhibit vectorization. For example: A(I) = A(I-1) + B(I) In a loop on , this process would not be vectorizable on most vector computers without marked degradation in performance. This is not an axiom or law, but rather is simply a fact resulting from current machine design.
Appearance of another episode of a disease (such as depressive and anxiety disorders) after a previous episode has shown a response to treatment.
a separate episode of depression, which occurs after a period of time of normal functioning
a repeated attack weeks, months, or occasionally years, after initial malaria infection, also called a long-term relapse. Due to re-infection of red blood cells from malaria parasites (hypnozoites) that persisted in liver cells (hepatocytes).
an exponential function of the integration of the complex fraction
An act that occurs at regular intervals in some form of religious ritual.
a computation in which there is an apparently sequential relationship between values being computed
Used especially in reference to the recurrence of physical parameters every 27 days (the rotation period of the Sun).