Definitions for "Reflecting"
thinking about what has been done or constructed, to see strengths and weaknesses in concepts and processes; refining an understanding of an experimental process by thinking about the reliability and validity of the findings, by checking the accuracy of the calculations, and by looking at anomalous results and explaining the variations
A function between posets and is said to reflect suprema (joins), if, for all subsets of for which the supremum sup{(): in } exists and is of the form () for some in , then we find that sup exists and that sup = . Analogously, one says that reflects finite, non-empty, directed, or arbitrary joins (or meets). The converse property is called join-preserving.
Throwing back light, heat, etc., as a mirror or other surface.
Using pavers to mirror geometric patterns, shapes, colors or textures in the surrounding site.
Given to reflection or serious consideration; reflective; contemplative; as, a reflecting mind.
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causing reflection or having a device that reflects; "a reflecting microscope"