Definitions for "Registrant"
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A person or firm who had properly applied for and received approval to operate in one or more of the following capacities: futures commission merchant, introducing broker, commodity trading advisor, commodity pool operator, leverage transaction merchant, agricultural trade option merchant, floor broker, floor trader, or associate person.
(Domain Name) The person or organization who has register the name.
The person or group that is the owner of a domain.
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means a person who is, or is required to be, registered under Part IX of the Excise Tax Act.
a person who is registered, or who is required to be registered, for GST/HST purposes
A person who is registered or required to be registered under GST/HST legislation.
Any manufacturer or formulator of a pesticide who obtains registration for an active ingredient or product.
A pesticide manufacturer that has registered a pesticide product.
Any manufacturer or formulator who obtains registration for a pesticide active ingredient or product.
a company that performs activities covered under the GRMA, but due to its charter and ownership structure, has been specifically exempted from licensing
Chartered Engineer, Incorporated Engineer or Engineering Technician. Web: http://Website
The issuer of securities for which a registration statement, report, proxy, or information statement is filed.
The term "registrant" means an issuer of securities for which a Securities Act registration statement is required to be filed and/or an issuer of securities with respect to which an Exchange Act registration statement or report is required to be filed and/or an investment company required to file an Investment Company Act registration statement or report.
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Individual who has submitted a registration form and attends an event.
An individual or company whose application has been accepted and to whom a CSC has been registered.
An individual who requests gifts for a special occasion by creating a gift registry.
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One who registers; esp., one who , by virtue of securing an official registration, obtains a certain right or title of possession, as to a trade-mark.
a person who is formally entered (along with others) in a register (and who obtains certain rights thereby)
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a current registered trademark holder
the commercial party which according to the national legislation is legally responsible for the marketing of the product
a student registered in an educational activity on a designated date.