Definitions for "Relaying"
Automatically "forwarding" mail to another address.
The act of passing an internet message (such as email or netnews) from machine to machine. In the days when the primary transport mechanism for usenet was UUCP, relaying was the normal way for a message to reach its destination. Netnews is still distributed this way. In the modern packet-switched internet, email is normally sent directly from origin to destination.
The act of sending email through your mail server when you're not connected to your local network. Spammers take advantage of mail servers that allow unrestricted relaying.
The following team-mate is already skating in the inner zone before being touched from behind. Timing is essential.
A function of a layer by means of which a layer entity receives data from a corresponding entity and transmits it to another corresponding entity. Basically: the process of passing on information, not limited to any computer related technolgy.