Definitions for "Remap"
An EMBOSS application. The Restriction Enzyme database (REBASE) is a collection of information about restriction enzymes and related proteins. It contains published and unpublished references, recognition and cleavage sites, isoschizomers, commercial availability, methylation sensitivity, crystal and sequence data. DNA methyltransferases, homing endonucleases, nicking enzymes, specificity subunits and control proteins are also included. Most recently, putative DNA methyltransferases and restriction enzymes, as predicted from analysis of genomic sequences, are also listed. The home page of REBASE is: This program uses REBASE data to find the recognition sites and/or cut sites of restriction enzymes in a nucleic acid sequence. This program displays the cut sites on both strands by default. It will optionally also display the translation of the sequence. There are many options to change the style of display to aid in making clear presentations. One potentially very useful option is '-flatreformat' that displays not only the cut sites which many other restriction cut-site programs will show, but also shows the recognition site.
ree'-map Regional Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program