Definitions for "Rental car"
a better option for guests who plan to stay awhile and visit several destinations
a good choice for guests planning to visit several destinations
a good idea for regional excursions and/or day trip travel
a great way to access the various attractions on the island
a great way to explore the island where you will find waterfalls, exotic flowers, and lush foilage
a great way to explore the natural beauty of this part of the country
Keywords:  definatley
a definatley a MUST
Keywords:  everything, wailea, maui, far, superior
a far superior form of transport
a must,as everything is spread out all over
a must, as Wailea is pretty far from most everything on Maui, which is a plus in itself
Keywords:  mahe, topside, order, see
a must in order to see Mahe topside
Keywords:  fll, monday, fly, don't, definite
a definite for the return as we don't fly out of FLL until Monday
a truism in organizations in that people must take ownership initiative and have peer support for making changes
Keywords:  mistake, neighborhood, big
a big mistake in that neighborhood
Keywords:  touring, lot, independent, doing, plan
a must if you plan on doing a lot of independent touring
a must for getting around but they can be expensive so be invest a little time looking for a deal