Definitions for "Reopening"
(1) (adjective) in a position to end the auction by passing. [e.g., one spade--pass--pass--?](2) (noun) a non-pass action taken by a player in reopening position.
A re-evaluation of a claim or review determination. It is not an appeal right. It is a discretionary action in response to the identification of an error, fraud or the submission of new material and information not available at the time of the last adjudication.
Reorg (or Corporate Action or Reorganization) Reorganization bond
Treasury offerings of additional amounts of outstanding issues, rather than an entirely new issue. A reopened issue will always have the same maturity date, CUSIP number, and interest rate as the original issue.
The issuance of a Treasury bond with the same coupon and maturity date as a previous offering.
Making a tap or further issue on an existing bond.