Definitions for "rePS "
Also known as representations. Higher-order geometric primitives, that objects not made simply from triangles. Typically a rep is more like a pure mathematical object and must be tessellated with triangles before rendering.
Rural Environment Protection Scheme
Rural Electric Power Services
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rePS is a Perl script which filters EPS and normal PostScript documents so that character encodings and accented characters will print out right, even when the accented characters are missing from the font. ISO-8859-1 and ISO-8859-2 character sets are fully supported.
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An abbreviation for repetition.
Abbreviation for REPETITIONS
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The number of times that you complete a full range of motion (ie. a rep) during a set.
or Repetitions: One complete movement of an exercise from start to finish. For example, on a bench press, lowering the bar from full extension to the chest and back up to full extension.
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Rest Rest Interval
Renewable Energy Projects Survey