Definitions for "Reservations"
The papal act of ear-marking specific benefices for future provisions. (Heath, Peter. Church and Realm, 1272-1461, 367)
are statements sometimes made by States when they ratify international treaties concerning the obligations they undertake at the time of ratification. Reservations to ILO Conventions are inadmissible. More information about Reservations
A reservation is «a unilateral statement, however phrased or named, made by a State, when signing, ratifying, accepting, approving or acceding to a treaty, whereby it purports to exclude or to modify the legal effect of certain provisions of the treaty in their application to that State» (See Article 2 of the Vienna Convention).
quotas for various lower castes allowing for increased representation in education, government jobs, and political bodies (provided as compensation for past mistreatment).
Areas of land set aside by the government for Native Americans (American Indians). Reservations were established originally to allow Indians to preserve their own life styles without conflict with European Americans. In the 19th century Indians were often confined to reservations. Indians who today choose to live on reservations often do so to preserve their particular culture, including forms of Indian self-governance.
(noun) a tract of land set apart by the federal government for a special purpose, especially one for the use of a Native American people
a term designating disparities noted between the documents presented to the bank and the documentary instructions contained in the CREDOC (documentary credit).
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Total number of car rentals booked by a company, as shown for all car rentals purchased through Expedia Corporate Travel or for a specific car vendor and rental location
Booking spaces for a function or a guest rooms at a facility in advance of a specific date.
a victory for popular democratic movements
Currently just a website that is edited and updated manually . The Reservation Project would create a PHP script with MySQL database that would automate everything .
Available Communications can provide reservation software and take your reservations remotely (by phone) while you take them in person, all at the same time