Definitions for "Responder"
It is that part of a transponder which transmits the reply. Responsor It is that portion of an interrogator-responsor which receives and also interprets the signals from a transponder.
the UDI module that receives and operates on requests received from an initiator via a channel operation. A responder is typically passive in that it responds to requests but does not typically initiate requests.
The entity that receives and services an initiator's request; if applicable, the responder returns a response; the responder interacts directly with the virtual filestore.
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The logical function in an N_Port responsible for supporting the exchange initiated by the originator in another N_Port. A FC responder is comparable to a SCSI target. The storage router is often the responder.
One who submits a response to a solicitation document.
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opener's partner
the partner of the opener.
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Someone, usually a relative or neighbor, who can come to your aid quickly.
someone who responds
The node that receives a source route broadcast for source routing information from an originator.
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chain, ~ first