Definitions for "REx "
a coat that is curled or crinkled, as seen in the Cornish Rex and Devon Rex breeds.
The curled effect of a cat's coat. (eg., Devon Rex)
A velvety luxurious coat with no guard hairs.
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A king.
(Latin) king; the term rex is tied to the Latin verb rego, to rule.
Referred to only as "Rex," or as "Rex, king of Carnival," never as the redundant "King Rex" or "King of Rex." He toasts his queen at the Hotel Inter-Continental on St. Charles Avenue. The parading organization known as Rex is formally the School of Design.
German abbreviation for Deutscher Rentenindex. An index representing the market of government paper on the German bond market. The index includes all bonds and Treasury notes issued by the Federal Republic of Germany, the German Unity Fund and the Treuhandanstalt privatization agency with fixed rates of interest. It includes indices for 1-10 years.
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Robert M. Keller for use in teaching functional programming to Harvey Mudd College students.
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Rats with curly or wavy fur and whiskers.
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Another file manager for Windows. I'm sick of the Windows Explorer. Total Commander is good, but it's not free. So i decided to write my own file manager for windows that will be FREE and FAST and SMALL and will have all the usefull tools built-in.
Route EXtension.
RADIUS EXtension allows you to write C and C++ programs to affect the behavior of Cisco Access Registrar.