Definitions for "RFT"
Repeat Formation Tester. A high resolution down hole logging tool which records reservoir pressures at multiple points in a well and may on occasion be configured to obtain several small samples of gas, oil and/or other fluids over a reservoir interval.
A repeat formation tester (RFT) is operated by an electrically driven hydraulic system so that it can be set and retracted as often as necessary to pressure test all zones of interest on one trip in the well. Two separate fluid tests can also be taken on one trip. RFT is a trademark of Schlumberger.
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RFT-DCA (filename extension).
Equipment including an antenna, U/C, D/C, HPA, and LNA which provides the up and down conversion of signals in a satellite-based network.
Recycle Florida Today, Inc., an association dedicated to promoting successful recycling in the state of Florida.
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Request for Tender
A publicly advertised method of seeking offers from providers or suppliers based on a written statement or specification of the required goods and/or services.
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see Reliable Transfer Service
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Run Flat Technology