Definitions for "RhA"
Keywords:  ochester, ousing, uthority
ochester ousing uthority.
Keywords:  rhodesian, artillery
Rhodesian Artillery
Keywords:  reservists, hardship, award
Reservists Hardship Award
Keywords:  rheumatoid, arthritis
Rheumatoid arthritis.
Keywords:  albumin, recombinant, human
Recombinant Human Albumin
Keywords:  haulage, road, association
Road Haulage Association
Regional Health Administrator (PHS/DHHS)
Regional Health Authority
Keywords:  harbors, rivers, act
Rivers and Harbors Act
Rolled Homogeneous Armor; a process of armor manufacturing that ensures its uniformity and enhances resistance to penetration. Often used in the same sense as RHAe.
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Right hand active double entrance door or atrium door. Indicated that the right hand door is the fully operational panel.
radiation hardness assurance. The portion of product assurance which insures that parts continue to perform as specified or degrade in a specified manner when subjected to the specified radiation environmental stress.