Definitions for "Risk Management Plan"
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document defining how Project Risk Analysis and Management is to be implemented in the context of a part icular project. [D04511] APM Part of the program definition statement that contains a record of all the risks in the business environment, and to the program itself. [D01736] WST component of the program definition statement, containing a record of all risks in the business environment and to the program itself. It assesses possible impact and what is to be done (and when) to avoid, remove and control them. It includes the detailed process es for managing the risk. [D05105] KSI Documentation of the overall management program action s or practice s that deal with program risks. It includes planning for risk, assessing (identifying and analyzing) risk areas, developing risk handling option s, and monitoring risks to determine how they have change [D05106] 51
(RMP). A Risk Management Plan documents the risk management process as well as the findings of the risk identification, risk analysis and risk management activities.
a document that summarizes an organization's priority risks and describes the strategies the nonprofit has selected to manage
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a communication tool so that all members of the