Definitions for "ROSA"
Keywords:  tastefully, villa, prickly, old, genus
large genus of erect or climbing prickly shrubs including roses
a large old villa farm house tastefully converted into
a large old villa tastefully converted into six large
Keywords:  jyazu, playmore, snk, fu'un, kizuna
Rosa is a character from SNK Playmore fighting game Kizuna Encounter, part of the Fu'un series. She's one of the new characters of this game, with Kim Sue Il and Jyazu. She has short dark hair with a headband and fights with an Iaido Katana.
a live-in domestic worker, although her employers don't call her that -- like most people with nannies, they wouldn't think of themselves as employers
an international business and marketing consultant who feels that a passport is a terrible thing to waste
Receiver Optical Subassembly
Receiver Optical Sub-Assembly
Keywords:  sister, full
a full sister to U
a production of the University of Alabama Center for Public Television and Radio
Keywords:  seasonal, rental
a seasonal rental
a centre for information and documentation on the social situation of women
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a first-year Ph