Definitions for "RPTV"
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Rear projection televisions, or sets that get their picture from three light guns, called CRTs, that project the image onto a mirror that in turn reflects the image onto the screen. The projector sits behind the screen, reflecting on the back side of the screen, thus the name 'rear' projection.
Rear-Projection TV. The big screens. A RPTV is generally between 50-80 inches in size. In the past, the main drawback to RPTVs was poor picture quality. However, recent models of RPTVs can produce images sharper and clearer than the best direct-view sets. RPTVs are available in standard 4:3 models and widescreen 16:9 models.
Rear-Projection Television. Television that creates a picture by projecting an image on the backside of a screen, usually by reflecting it off a mirror.
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