Definitions for "Rugby"
Very popular sport (somewhat like American football.)
A football game in which the ball is kicked or carried forward down a field to score points either by touching the ball down beyond a tryline or kicking the ball through posts. The primary rule governing the game is that no pass to a player forward of the ball is allowed. Two codes of rugby are played, Rugby Union and Rugby League. All information at this site concerns Rugby Union. Union is normally played with fifteen players, but versions of the game featuring only seven or ten players is also popular. Football is quite ancient and has existed in most every cultural group through time. The current form of Rugby Football was first developed at Rugby School in England and thus the school provided the name for the sport.
a form of football played with an oval ball
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An offshoot of soccer that originated in the early 1800s. Rugby players are allowed to use their hands to pick up the ball and run with it.
an offshoot from soccer started in the early 1800s; rugby players are allowed to pick up the ball with their hands and run with it, and also make full contact with each other whether going after the ball or not.
a consensual organization not an employer franchise
a gross misrepresentation of the facts and a total distortion of the truth By BRIAN McLEAN SOUTHERN Spears franchise's chief executive Tony McKeever yesterday hit back at SA Rugb
a personnel matter between then Executive Director, Paul Montville, and Frank
a volunteer driven organization, led by a Board of Directors and various committees designed to provide quality national programs
The Rugby was a 1920s. brand of automobile assembled by the Durant Motors Company of New York, New York (USA). The vehicle was identical to Durant's Star car, was assigned to export markets by Durant Motors, due to the name Star being under copyright by The Star Motor Company in the British Commonwelth.
Gameplay mimicks the action or managerial aspects of professional rugby.
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Rugby is a SCRUM project management tool.
a reflection of much that is wrong in our country at the moment There is no performance management/measurement, and pay is not tied to performance
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a business decision on their part, not charity
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a long term investment in growth and performance not a quick fix for individual clubs in isolated regions
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a much stronger body today than it was three years, and they voiced that opinion