Definitions for "Runners"
A Canadian and Irish term for sneakers. A term in most English-speaking places for hard-core athletic shoe users. They may be that way because they had a track meet in gym class and found it fun. Or just simple brain damage.
Runners are the pernese horses also called RunnerBeasts, they have been adapted to pern life and generally are hardier and have more hair. Sands Short for Hatching Sands, which are warm sands in a weyr which is where a golden queen clutches and protects her eggs.
Essentially four ice skates, forged of steel, on which a bobsled rides.
Runners are the bottom part of the sled that slides along the snow. They usually are made of wood and are covered in plastic. Iditarod racers change the runners during the race, depending on the trail conditions.
Leather loops, which slide up and down and are used to keep the straps of a bridle in place.
The two metal blades upon which the skeleton sled rides.
Preventer backstays that run from the mast, usually the upper spreaders, to a point near the stern and are set up with tackles lead to a winch. They provide support from aft for the mast and usually brace against an inner forestay.
Detachable backstays set for the tack
These are the "above the ground" off shoots from the mother plant which contain leaf material and the plant node capable of reproduction. Many warm season grasses, especially bermuda types, send runners out across the top of the ground as well as underneath the ground (rhizomes). These runners can be bothersome in flower gardens unless controlled.
branches off buried rhizomes; usually with tubers produced at the ends
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A pair of tabs which part in the centre and move horizontally.
Horizontal mechanisms connected to the sprue that transfer the molten metal from the sprue to the mold.
Runners bring the plasticized resin from the sprue to the part. Runners require room on the tool, use extra material in every shot, and affect how the part if packed, so efficient placement is essential for optimal part price and performance.
the pickup and delivery boys who taxi liquor from the rumrunners to the speakeasies. When there's competition in town, being quick on one's feet, armed to the gills and certifiably insane are job requirements.
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The two checkers that are situated on the opponent's 1-point (your 24 point) at the start of a game.
The two men in your opponents inner board.
That is the name of the two checkers that is placed on the opponent's 1st point at the beginning of the game.
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A term for long, narrow Oriental carpets made for export to the West from the 19thC. Those made in Persia (Iran) are known as kenares.
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To catch the turn and river for a winning hand.
when the turn and river cards win a hand for someone eg AA is up against 67 with a flop of 3A9 and 45 comes next to give 67 the straight
The cards that make a winning hand on the turn and river. Set When you have trips that include your pocket pair and your third in the window.
The top deck of some plastic pallets are mounted on three runners, which run in the direction of the longest side. Whether these runners are "clipped on" to a nestable pallet, or are moulded as part of the pallet, the three runners create a stronger pallet.
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The number of representatives by a stallion or out of a mare who have competed in races on the flat (q.v.) or over jumps.
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These are usually rugs measuring not more than 3-4 ft wide and about 8-20 ft. in length.
Long narrow Drop Cloths usually 4 feet wide and of various lengths, used to cover hallways, stairways etc.
Usually rugs measuring not more than 3 to 4 ft. wide and ranging from 8 to 20 ft. in length.
Aboveground, trailing stems that form roots at their nodes when they make contact with moist soil.
Messengers who rush orders received by phone clerks to brokers for execution in the pit.
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see Main Runners.