Definitions for "Sailboat"
A boat propelled by a sail or sails.
A vessel propelled by the effect of wind on a sail(s); may also have an engine for auxiliary propulsion
a small sailing vessel; usually with a single mast
Sailboat is the fifth studio album (sixth total album) released by singer/songwriter Jonathan Edwards.
a complex machine that requires precise use, particularly when in an ocean with shark infested waters
a large, heavy body that is moving in a series of complex motions, with massive and often contradictory loads imposed on it
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a lot faster and there is a real thrill to carving in the water
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a good example of a MIMO system
an engineering laboratory devoted to controlling movement
a huge investment and it only takes a little more money to make it comfortable
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an excellent example
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a great way to see the islands
a closed environment which tends to limit personal privacy