Definitions for "Sans serif"
Fonts without serif (sans is French for ``without''). These fonts have a stark appearance, and are well suited for writing headlines. While textbook typography mandates that serif fonts be used just for headlines, they can have other uses. There are sans serif fonts designed for readability as opposed to impact. Short punchy documents that are skimmed (such as catalogues and marketting brochures) may use them, and recently, Microsoft have made available the Verdana font which is designed for readability at small sizes on low resolution devices. Well known sans serif fonts include Lucida Sans, MS Comic Sans, Avant Garde, Arial, Verdana, Century Gothic.
Refers to a typeface that does not have small lines (known as serifs) at the ends of the characters. The most commonly used sans serif typefaces on the web are Arial, Geneva, Verdana, and Helvetica. See Serif, Font.
Without a serif. See serif.