Definitions for "Santería"
Keywords:  catholicism, afro, yoruba, cuba, cuban
The popular name for the Afro-Cuban polytheistic religious tradition that, during the almost four centuries of the slave trade in Cuba, gradually developed by the end of the 19th century into a series of religious practices born of mostly West African and some Spanish Catholic roots. It is more formally known as the Regla de Ocha (the law of the orichas) and focuses on the worship of deities known as orichas or santos (thus santería.)
A synchretic Afro-Cuban religious system, resulting from the combination of the yoruba religion and Catholicism. The santería is a subject that comes up frequently in salsa songs.
The pantheistic religion of the Yoruban/Nigerian pople and the Yoruban/Lucumi culture of Cuba, as well as of Afro-Caribbean and others throughout the world. Marked by the multi-deity concept of various Orishas and the use of the Batá drums in the ritual ceremonies.