Definitions for "Scanners"
(drum, flatbed, descreening) an electronic device in which the original subject (which can be a transparency or reflection copy) is scanned by a conventional light source, a laser or some other illuminant and the results analysed so that the digital information can be conveyed to an output unit and then onto film. With suitable filtration colours can be separated and output on film or carried electronically into an electronic page composition system.
Walkman-sized equipment that pick up radio waves in the immediate area. They allow you to listen in on conversations between drivers and their crews during practice, qualifying and races.
Check stand and handheld technology designed to "read" product
Sensors used to collect remotely sensed data in parallels paths; or, computer equipment used for converting information from paper into digital format that can be read by a computer.
A graphical end-user interface for installing and managing scanners. See the scanners(1) reference page for additional information.