Definitions for "Schools"
Conventional term for the Examination Schools on High Street, tile ominous building, where every year students dressed in sub-fusc march to their doom/exams. Also a venue for University lectures. It is normal to experience nausea and dizziness when approaching Schools.
Also called Exam Schools, a Victorian building in The High, where exams are taken, lectures are held, and where the Freshers Fair takes place.
Finals. The last set of formal exams for undergraduates.
A few albums taken from time doing assistant teaching at a Chinese School in Damansara, and a Malay Muslim school near a town called Rantau, Negeri Sembilan.
Avery Hill Campus: School of Architecture & Construction School of Education & Training School of Health & Social Care Maritime Greenwich Campus: School of Business School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences School of Education & Training (Post Compulsory Education & Training) School of Humanities University of Greenwich at Medway Campus: Medway School of Engineering Medway School of Pharmacy Medway School of Sciences Natural Resources Institute School of Health & Social Care
Elementary, middle or high schools. SCL: State superfund site
(see also Budgets, Facilities, Leadership, Reform, Rural Schools, Safety and Security, Schedules, Standards, Urban Schools)
Secondary Schools tend to stick to the national curriculum. If you want to study a Standard Grade or Higher you may be able to do it at you local School . Some Schools also run evening classes particularly in special interest activities such as photography or music
an increasingly significant source of talent
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