Definitions for "Sculpey"
Keywords:  oven, baked, polymer, super, plasticine
A white polyform modeling material not usually used for dolls. Note: Sculpey is often said when Super Sculpey is meant.
Sculpey is a polymer clay material used commonly by sculptors. This clay stays soft during the modeling process, and can then be baked in a home oven to a ceramic-like hardness. There are different types--most sculptors prefer the waxy pink Super Sculpey to the white, doughlike Sculpey. Super Sculpey can be mixed with other polymer clays such as Fimo or Promat to vary its working consistency and final hardness.
Sculpey (often misspelled as Sculpy) is the brand name for a type of polymer clay that can be molded and put into a conventional oven to harden, as opposed to typical modelling clays, which require a much hotter oven, such as a kiln. Until it is baked, Sculpey has a consistency somewhat like Plasticine. It is sold in many colors, though it can also be painted once fired.