Definitions for "SDO"
Schede di Dimissione Ospedaliera
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Serial Data Output. This is the data pin of the Vector 2X digital compass. A sixteen bit binary number representing a heading in degrees is clocked-out through this pin. [Section
Service Data Object. A data programming architecture and API for the Java platform that unifies data programming across data source types (relational databases, entity EJB components, XML sources, Web services, JCA, JSP), provides robust support for common application patterns, and enables applications, tools, and frameworks to more easily query, view, bind, update, and introspect data.
Service data object (in CAN networks)
Subsidi Daerah Otonom (Regional Autonomy Subsidy)
Squadron Duty Officer
Supervisory Detention Officer (INS)
Senior Divisional Officer
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Solar Dynamics Observatory
Software Delivery Optimization
standards developing organization
Standards Development Organization
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Selective door operation