Definitions for "Selects"
Keywords:  nhla, hardwood, fas, softwood, kiln
A NHLA Hardwood Grading Rule that parallels the FAS 1 Face grade with different minimum size board requirements. The kiln dried Selects minimum board size is 3-1/2" x 6'. Most other FAS 1 Face rules apply.
In softwood, lumber which has been graded strictly for its appearance. In hardwood, lumber which is one grade below first and second.
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Favorite shots used to make up rough edit.
The "selected" shots that are going to be used in editing which are separated from the remaining footage.
Near perfect dinnerware pieces as indicated in a process of selection in which imperfect pieces are removed from the group.
Portions of a list segmented out by any number of attributes; mailers use these to better target their audience.