Definitions for "Senses"
Keywords:  smell, taste, sight, touch, viscera
The means through which the body feels and perceives to include seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and tasting.
The five senses: vision, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. Touch encompasses all sensations from the body surface, joints, and viscera, including pain, thermal sensitivity, and position sense.
also i n d r i y a. The five senses or sense organs: hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell. Also, in a broader sense, the ten senses: the senses of perception or j ñ â n e n d r i y a s (ears, skin, eyes, tongue and nose) and the working senses k a r m e n d r i y a s (mouth, arms, legs, genitals and anus), Sometimes the mind is added as the eleventh sense (S.B. 3.26: 13). They are part of the twenty-five elements (see also e l e m e n t s).
Senses are a UK based alternative rock band from Coventry, England. Made up of school friends Brian Callan, Ronan O'Connor, Ian Finnegan and Kevin Kavanagh. Having played under various guises, the band settled on the current line up and name in 2005.