Definitions for "Separates"
Keywords:  mozza, gyros, bec, piccolo, rx
a term used to describe a setup that uses separate components as opposed to the standard all in one full Pic board. Receiver + Pic Control board (main ESC, tail ESC, tail mixer, gyro, BEC). Piccolo component reference for Rx's, Gyros, ESCs, Mods etc. here (Mozza;)
A speaker system with more than one type of driver. The most common type of separates system is a set containing two high frequency drivers (tweeters), two lower frequency drivers (mids or woofers), and two crossover networks (filters).
clothing, such as skirts or blouses, that may be worn in combination with other garments.
The depository documents that are mailed in individual packages, generally due to their large size, with the shipping list for all of the packages sent separately. Each individual envelope or box is stamped with the shipping list number before it is sent.