Definitions for "Service Provider"
is an individual or service providing a care service that requires to be registered and regulated under the Regulation of Care (Scotland) Act 2001; they may be: a) An individual private provider. b) A body corporate c) A firm. d) An unincorporated association.
A commercial organization that provides access to the Internet for a fee.
an internet service provider makes services available against accounts to subscribers to use for accessing the internet through dialup, cable, etc.
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an implementation of a service
a set of classes that implements various JNDI interfaces for a specific naming or directory service, much as a JDBC driver implements various JDBC interfaces for a particular database system
a set of modules that together satisfy JNDI API requests
An agency or private practice professional offering services for purchase by DORS or other agencies. These may include counseling, assistive technology, career assessment services or job placement.
a person who offers a service, such as a bank clerk or hairstylist (626)
A person who offers a service, such as a bank clerk or hair stylist. p. 631
Third-party organisation supplying services or products to customers.
These are the people such as Demon, Compuserve etc. who supply you with an Internet connection and associated facilities. They collect and store your email and may host your web pages, so that they are permanently available to others. The most important things you need to find out before you sign up to one are; how much is the monthly charge, are there any online usage charges, have they got enough help lines and to what time are they available in the event that you should get stuck plus, of-course, have they got a local POP
Is an enterprise which offers and supplies goods or services.
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(Euphemism) A prostitute.
An entity in a service interface that responds to request primitives from the service user with response and event primitives.
an entity that has entered into a service agreement with the Postal Service for the use of the IPP service
From The Platform for Privacy Preferences 1.0 (P3P1.0) Specification ( 2002-04-16) The person or legal entity which offers information, products or services from a Web site, collects information, and is responsible for the representations made in a practice statement.
A person or organization delivering community living support under an agreement with CLBC or a person authorized by CLBC.
A firm that creates and delivers an experience to consumers.
Person or agency delivering direct services to families and/or children.
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a third party, creating end-user services based on data stored in e-print archives
a third party, either a private business or individual, which has successfully completed BOE acceptance testing and is authorized to receive return and payment information from taxpayers and forward it to the BOE for processing
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a program that sends a message by writing the message to a channel
The role in a SOA played by programs that receive service request messages and subsequently send service response messages to service consumers according to descriptions published by those programs.
Means the Licensee who generates, transmits or distributes electricity for sale or resale.
an organization offering Web-based services to Principals
A business or organisation covered by the provisions of Part III of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, which came into effect on 1 October 1999.
An organisation that offers communications services to businesses and/or consumers.
an installed protocol stack, not to be confused with a service, which is a server application
A specific process on a specific host which qualifies as an instance of a service type.
The organization that enables hosting services for a site.
a system driver that is linked into the Networking system for Microsoft Windows computers
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See Information Service.