Definitions for "SGA"
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System Global Area. It is made up of the database buffer cache, shared pool and redo log buffer. Basically this is any data and program caches that are shared among database users.
System Global Area. The SGA is a shared memory region Oracle uses to store data and control information for one Oracle instance. The SGA is allocated when the Oracle instance starts; it is deallocated when the Oracle instance shuts down. Each Oracle instance that starts has its own SGA. The information in the SGA is made up of the database buffers, the redo log buffer, and the shared pool; each has a fixed size and is created at instance startup.
See Shared Global Area.
seeĀ  small for gestational age.
(Small for Gestational Age) A baby whose birth weight is below the tenth percentile on the standard growth chart.
Solicitations for Grant Applications
Solicitation for Grant Applications
Scottish Gamekeepers Association
Sierra Golfing Association
(Student Government Association) represents student voice on campus; consists of the Student Senate, Jaguar Activities Board, Judicial Cabinet and Executive Branch.
Official representatives of the student body to the administration in matters concerning student life.
The Student Government Association. SGA is responsible for helping to influence policy for students at the College. All registered clubs and organizations are members of the general assembly. The SGA office is located in room S1-11 in the Winnet Student Life Building.
Substantial Gainful Activity
Selling, General and Administrative Expenses. Income statement item which combines...