Definitions for "Shari"
Keywords:  deadwood, jin, lightning, bark, trunk
Japanese term for exposed deadwood on a tree
Japanese term for exposed deadwood on the trunk of a bonsai (as opposed to Jin which is a deadwood branch or protrusion). It's the area where the bark and cambium have been removed from the trunk to suggest struggles against natural weather conditions such as wind, lightning, snow, and ice.
One of the "dead wood" techniques. The intention is to give the tree an old and lightning damaged look. Most seen on conifers. In contrast to Jins Shari is a dead part on the trunk. (See also Jin, Sabamiki).
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at The path to be followed; the standard term used for divinely revealed sacred law of Islam; the totality of the Islamic way of life. The provisions of the shari'at are worked out through the discipline of fiqh .
ah: The religious law of God, the canon law of Islam.
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a female parrot.
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an African river that flows northwest into Lake Chad
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A sushi bar term for sushi rice