Definitions for "Shunting"
A method of removing excessive fluid from the ventricles of the brain in hydrocephalus. A surgically placed tuhe connected to a ventricle deposits fluid in to the abdominal cavity, heart or large vein in the neck.
a passage by which a bodily fluid (as blood) is diverted from one channel, circulatory path, or part to another; such a passage established by surgery or occurring as an abnormality.
As portions of the lung become unable to inflate during breathing, blood becomes poorly oxygenated in those regions. As a result, unoxygenated blood is shunted to better ventilated regions.
Arbitrage conducted between certain local markets without the necessity of the exchange involved in foreign arbitrage.
Short circuiting of a (weld) current through a previously applied weld nearby.
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Switching; as, shunting engine, yard, etc.