Definitions for "SIMM"
Keywords:  dimm, inline, odule, ram, emory
hardware:(Single Inline Memory Module) A small plastic strip holding memory chips which fits into a Mac (except the Portable and PowerBooks) and gives it more RAM.
Single nline emory odule. A SIMM is a piece of computer hardware that holds pre-assembled RAM chips. The SIMM is plugged into your computer’s motherboard to give you more RAM.
SIMM stands for ingle n-line emory odule. This is a small circuit board that holds memory chips.
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Same as simoom.
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(tm) (Simmondson) - This unique herb derived from the jojoba fruit has been shown in animal studies to be a potent appetite regulator.
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a very basic component that people will be buying all the time, and that the store ought to keep in stock if it is going to be meeting basic needs
16-bit two's-complement value which will be sign-extended for comparison.