Definitions for "Sinking fund"
A fund designed to accumulate a designated amount of money over a specific time. Periodic deposits of money into an account that, with its interest earnings compounded, will accumulate to the designated amount of money over the specific period of time.
Regular or periodic instalments saved or invested to repay a loan or purchase a replacement of an asset in the future.
In commercial real estate, funds regularly set aside for the replacement of improvements.
A management fee portion for ensuring that the unit's main structure, furniture and fittings are kept in an "as new" condition for the ownership period.
A portion of the Management Fee specifically dedicated to ensuring that the main structure, furniture and fittings of accommodation units (and sometimes leisure facilities) are kept in an as new condition for the full period of ownership.
The portion of the maintenance fee specifically for ensuring that the main structure, furniture and major components are kept in very good condition.
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sleeper small cap
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An annual reserve of capital required by the credi... Add a comment
an endowment that is designed to disburse the entire principal over a fixed period
a revenue source, approved by the voters, for a specific purpose over a predetermined period of time
Managed savings to pay for future planned maintenance.
Accumulated savings used to pay for planned maintenance of the Body Corporate (usually from contributions for that purpose).
A special levy, held in trust and administered by a Body Corporate, to cover any major repairs or maintenance that may have to be carried out on the building or grounds the Body Corporate administers.
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a way of avoiding this end of life crisis
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Nearly a form of self insurance, it is money a business sets aside in case a loss occurs, rather than purchasing insurance to protect against the potential loss.