Definitions for "Site survey"
Keywords:  wlan, placement, survey, wireless, rssi
the preliminary investigation of the sites involved in a wireless network installation; explores line of sight issues, sources of potential interference, transmission distances, and physical structures.
A comprehensive facility study, typically performed by a radio frequency engineer. The goal of the site survey is to create an accurate wireless system design/layout and budgetary quote.
a formal evaluation of an environment in which you wish to implement a WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)
A detailed inventory and evaluation of the characteristics of a location and its occupants that would be important to public safety personnel responding to an emergency, including but not limited to maps, floor plans, diagrams, photographs, personnel lists, student rosters, utility information, and construction information.
a visit by a team made up of USG personnel, commercial contractor personnel, or other skilled planning representatives, who along with your personnel conduct reviews in your country
looks at the proposed mounting structures (buildings, towers, etc.) and determines their suitability for the antennas being proposed and considers the prospect of getting the cables/power from the antenna to the indoor equipment as well as the mounting of the indoor equipment. It also encompasses looking at the entire path both physically for trees, buildings, water towers, mountains, etc., and on a topographicmap (either paper or electronic) and looking for obvious obstructions and anything that might be in the path or in the nearby path that will affect the beam.
The process of searching for and describing archaeological sites in a given area.
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Collecting the information that will aid the designer in the development of the completed landscape design. Examples include soil type, drainage, structures, existing plants, and good and bad views.
a formal method for discovering and characterizing the contents of your directory
An on-site inspection and formal review of physical security, access control, distribution systems and accountability for member company product at, for example, a film or video reproduction or distribution facility.
Determination of the measurements of a specific location.