Definitions for "Skua"
Keywords:  gull, seagull, scavenger, bird, jager
Any jager gull; especially, the Megalestris skua; -- called also boatswain.
gull-like jaeger of northern seas
a large seagull like bird
Keywords:  wescott, aerojet, rpe, bristol, rocket
Skua is the designation of a British sounding rocket, which was launched between 1959 and 1981 in 4 versions over 300 times. The Skua was developed by Bristol Aerojet and RPE Wescott. It consisted of a starting stage consisting of several Chick rockets which burned for 0.2 seconds and which carried the rocket 20 meters over the 5 meter long launch tube.
to appropriate goods by means that are not quite stealing, but not quite not-stealing. Named after Antarctic Skuas that hang out near the Galley in McMurdo. - Am - (thanks to "Icegirl" for posting this on the guest map ;o))
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a telescope case with a difference It is designed so that it need never be taken off your telescope once fitted