Definitions for "Sliding"
clamp: the usual toroidal form of the DNA replication complex, including (in Eubacteria) two copies of DNA polymerase III, DNA topoisomerases, and associated proteins. Image from the von Hippel Lab at the University of Oregon.
That slides or slips; gliding; moving smoothly.
A condition where a coating actually slides or slips intact from its original location to another position on the substrate. Caused by moisture condensed on the substrate under the coating material.
A sash which moves horizontally on a track.
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Slippery; elusory.
adding an ancillary product to an auto insurance policy without the insured's informed consent. (See Florida Statute 626.9541(1)(z))
A forward or backward movement of the skis, with no skidding.
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The act of leaving one's check to help a teammate.
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being a smooth continuous motion