Definitions for "Slots"
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Machine game with reels and lines that determine whether each spin is a winner or not.
spaces inside a computer where extra circuit boards can be inserted to extend the function of the machine. The current Mac and PC families of microcomputers each have multiple slots.
Grooves cut vertically, diagonally or horizontally in brake pads. Slots significantly reduce the tendency of the pad to bend when heated under normal braking conditions. This reduces the noise that results from pads that have become concave due to heat-induced bending. Slots also help reduce brake fade by providing a passage for gasses and dust to escape at high brake temperatures.
the numbered and colored divisions of the inside track of the roulette wheel
The fixed number of named components of a structure or data type.
A period of time, usually of a constant length, to which the allocation of a time-limited resource can be assigned to some demand. For instance, access to a rail corridor. The slot size is based upon the maximum time required for exclusive access (e.g. section running time) to a component of the resource
Slots in angles provide tolerance accommodation.
A location in the warehouse with a specific address.
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See blocked.
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a 'shared' slot