Definitions for "Snapper "
Any one of several species of large sparoid food fishes of the genus Lutjanus, abundant on the southern coasts of the United States and on both coasts of tropical America.
flesh of any of various important food fishes of warm seas
Australian food fish having a pinkish body with blue spots
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A snapping turtle; as, the alligator snapper.
large-headed turtle with powerful hooked jaws found in or near water; prone to bite
Snapper is a computer game written by Jonathan Griffiths for the BBC Micro and released as one of the launch titles for Acornsoft in 1982. It was later released as one of the launch titles for the Acorn Electron in 1983.
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Snapper was a New Zealand indie/alternative band formed by Peter Gutteridge, previously in The Clean, The Chills and The Great Unwashed.
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See Grelco. SNUB
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A snap beetle.
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The green woodpecker, or yaffle.
(football) the person who plays center on the line of scrimmage and snaps the ball to the quarterback; "the center fumbled the handoff"
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Snapper is an XML-based application builder and thin client. The builder incorporates a visual window and script editor, and an application module manager. The client includes script engines and an API, and the environment is GTK+/GNOME/TCL/Perl.
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One who, or that which, snaps; as, a snapper up of trifles; the snapper of a whip.
A device with a flexible metal tongue for producing clicks like those of the sounder.
A plastic device to assist patients in opening ampules of medication.
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a party favor consisting of a paper roll (usually containing candy or a small favor) that pops when pulled at both ends
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A string bean.
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a very well built and capable machine for your intended uses