Definitions for "Snowman"
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Snowman are an indie rock band from Perth, Western Australia. They began playing regularly around Perth's local music scene in 2003 and have gained a solid live reputation in the following years. The deft employment of engaging dynamics and structure in Snowman's songs, and the energetic performance thereof, ensured that the attention the band receive was converted into both local buzz and an expanding fan base.
Snowman is the self title released by the Australian band Snowman released 23 September 2006.
The Snowman is a fictional character featured in the Time Splitters series depicted as a snowman. He is said to have been brought to life from the wish of a child and "searchs for death or glory and maybe some legs". The Snowman character appears in Time Splitters 2 and .
Snowman (1949-1969) was a rescued plough horse that went on to become a champion in show jumping in the 1950s.
Keywords:  eight, euphemism, score, hole, slang
Euphemism to describe a score of eight.
scoring an eight on a hole.
slang for an eight
Keywords:  merriment, fun, season, symbol, full
a symbol of a season full of merriment and fun
a figure of a person made of packed snow
a human-like figure constructed from snow
a man-like figure constructed from compacted snow
Keywords:  piled, resemble, balls, large, top
large balls of snow piled on top of one another to resemble a person