Definitions for "SOFT GROUND"
In etching, acid-resistant coating containing petroleum jelly or tallow to prevent it from hardening when dry, so that textures can be impressed into it.
An etching technique in which the plate is covered with a malleable ground through which a variety of textured materials can be pressed. This exposes the metal and allows the textures to be etched into the plate. Drawing on a piece of paper on top of the soft ground will also cause the ground to lift. When etched this will resemble a pencil line.
A method of etching in which a nondrying or pliable acid-resistant ground is applied to a plate that produces softer lines and textures than hard-ground etching. The artist draws on a piece of paper placed over the plate. The pressure of the pencil or pen lifts the ground off the plate, exposing the plate for etching in acid.