Definitions for "Solarization"
Solarization is the reversal of partial reversal of an image by extreme overexposure.
Visual effect which converts a photographic image into a color negative 2; visual distortion (see first definition) of a camcorder’s LCD that occurs when the LCD is moved out of a direct line of sight.
The decrease of developed density with increased exposure or reversal.
Injury of a photographic picture caused by exposing it for too long a time to the sun's light in the camera; burning; excessive insolation.
Weevils are a major problem in stored beans and force farmers to sell their produce soon after harvest, lowering prices. In solarization, the beans are covered with plastic and exposed to the heating effects of the sun, killing the weevils.
the practice of heating soil to levels lethal to pests through application of clear plastic to the soil surface for 4 to 6 weeks during sunny, warm weather.