Definitions for "Sorts"
A method of marking cards by assorting them into groups of cards bearing the same imperfections on the back design. Usually Bee cards are used as they bear an all-over back design and they are factory cut at different areas of the back design. Sometimes cards with white borders are used as they also tend to be cut in different places. See chapter Marked Cards.
A deck of cards made up of irregular or imperfect cards sorted from many normal decks of cards.
this refers to how records are organized in a table or report. Databases can be sorted on different fields depending on what the user needs to see at the moment. Different types of sorts can include alphabetical, numerical, chronological, geographic or others depending on the data.
Status of Resources and Training Systems, an operational report describing ships material and training readiness to perform its mission.
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One of the size gradings for resins, referring to rather large pieces that have been sorted for color and size.