Definitions for "Spaces"
all the places from wilderness forests to backyards that are home to the millions of species of plants and animals in the world, including the places that people have created: buildings, special sites, monuments.
Area in the landscape created to serve a specific purpose. Spaces may be functional, e.g., a storage area, or a recreation area or created to make the landscape maintainable or visually pleasing.
Spaces is a virtual desktop feature developed by Apple to be included in Mac OS X v10.5. The feature enables users to set up virtual desktops (or "space") suited to particular needs of the user, without the need of creating a new account. One could for example create a "space" primarily assigned to office work and then switching to different one focussed on web surfing.
A space is an area on your site into which you can group different content items together based on any theme of your choice. All content in Confluence is organised into spaces.
Running lengthwise in carpet, there may be one or more spaces where rows of yarn do not appear to be properly spaced.