Definitions for "Special Order"
(Car Toys Order Status) One or more items on your order must be special ordered from the manufacturer. As soon the item(s) arrive, we will fill your order. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
To a bookseller, an order for a single copy of a book not in stock, handled at the customer's request. Because it requires special handling, and sometimes involves a short discount or no discount, the bookseller frequently adds a nominal service charge to the transaction to cover this cost.
Also known as a Nonstock Order. An order placed by University Stores with a vendor because the items needed are not stocked at Stores.
a family fit" They still laugh and argue about who was the hardest to sleep with when their family of five was crammed like sardines into two beds at grandma's house in south Minneapolis
a title that the CD distributor or importer no longer has in stock but may still be available from the original manufacturer
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an item made at your request that is not part of our typical offerings
an item that we normally don't sell
a request for a resource that the LRC does not list in its Resources Catalogue for sale to Alberta or B
To set consideration of a bill or measure for a specific, future time of the session; (2) matter of business set for discussion at a special time, on a designated day or both.
Matter of business set for consideration on a designated date.
Floor action on a bill is postponed until a definite date or time.
An action predetermined to occur at a specific time on a specific date.
a product, merchandise, equipment, etc